Heroes, Oceans, Agents: A Weekly Round-up

images (183x276)Hello readers!

First of all, I feel the need to inform all of you of the fantastic promo code event that is happening RIGHT NOW. If you subscribe to One Teen Story with the promo code “RYANRULES” (in honor of our new Editor-in-Chief Patrick Ryan) you will receive Patrick’s One Teen Story issue, prototype So Much For Artemis, for FREE.

Onwards and round-upwards:

You should read this great interview about everything Alex London learned (and what he didn’t) while writing his new book, Proxy. Says: (among other things)

“I wanted [my characters] to be better people then they are, and throughout the story they try to be. As they try, they stumble. I came to see, in their stumbling, that the story lived in those attempts. The heroism I came to love in each of them as I wrote was not in their mastery of events, or special skills, or daring escapes, but in their trying to be their best selves, even when they didn’t stand a chance because I had stacked the deck against them. I suppose that’s the process of growing up in the real world too. We do our best with the flaws we’ve got.”

Speaking of new books, Neil Gaiman’s latest, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, (its not YA, but it’s YA-ish) is getting rave reviews. (Surprising no one.) Here’s a specimen from the Washington Post, recommending that it be read “on a shut-in rainy day or a sultry summer night to savor its wonder and nostalgia.”

Incidentally, we’re big fans of the Washington Post right now (and generally) because, well, have you seen this great interview with our new Editor-in-Chief? It’s okay if you haven’t–it just means you don’t follow us on Twitter yet. Remedy that.

As for all of you bright young things who are submitting to our contest already, bound to be in the writing and/or publishing world, and wondering what might be next, here’s a wonderful interview with Eric Simonoff about being an agent/editor. 


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