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Today we are launching a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of printing One Teen Story. We are committed to making One Teen Story a print magazine – we love getting things in the mail – but print bills really are difficult for a startup to cover.

Helping start a magazine has never been easier. Make a tax-deductible donation at Kickstarter. We’ve got great rewards for donations as low as $10!

Please give today and tell your friends. In order to collect any funds, we need to have $5000 in pledges in 30 days! Together we know we can do it.

Have an idea for a reward we haven’t thought of? Let us know and we’ll consider adding it as we move forward. For now, please visit Kickstarter and help us kick this new magazine off!

The Proof Arrives

You know you have a magazine when you have a proof to sign off on.

We sent Gayle Forman’s “The Deadline” off to the printer and on Friday the proof arrived. Looking at the envelope, I remembered ten years ago when I received several cases of One Story’s first ever issue (“Villanova, or how I Became a Former Professional Literary Agent” by John Hodgman). The boxes came and I let them sit on the floor. I was afraid to open them, terrified that I wouldn’t like how they looked on paper. Finally, I sliced open the box, called One Story Co-founder Hannah Tinti, and said, they’re here and they’re perfect.

I was a little less hesitant with this package, but was just as happy with what I found:

Beautiful, no?

We have to thank this year’s artist Stefan Lawrence for the vision he’s brought to the cover. What a phenomenal job he’s done!

We’ve gotten peeks at future covers, and they’re all this great. But you’ll just have to subscribe to see.

One Teen Story Teen Fiction Contest

One Teen Story is pleased to announce the winner of our first Teen Fiction Contest!!

One Teen Story is a new literary magazine for young adult readers. Each issue will feature one amazing short story about the teen experience. For our teen fiction contest, we received over 200 great short stories this year.

After much deliberation, Gayle Forman, author of If I Stay and Where She Went, has chosen Nicole Acton’s story, “Night Swimming,” as the winner, which will be published as the May 2013 issue of One Teen Story.

This is what Gayle had to say about the winning story:

I read a lot of fiction, books that are out, stories that are out, books that are coming out. I can be awful finicky and hard to please. Therefore, not only was I blown away by the finalists in the One Teen Story fiction contest, I was surprised, too. They were that good.

It was a tough call and I had to re-read the stories several times (usually in these kinds of things, there is a clear favorite, or clear un-favorites). In the end, I chose “Night Swimming.”

To me, the best YA writing tells stories about young people, but doesn’t tell “young” stories. By which I mean, the stories themselves are meticulously crafted, the characters multi-layered, everything subtle and nuanced. “Night Swimming” is a coming-of-age story about teenagers, but it is not a young story.

Well done, Nicole Acton!!!

Contest finalists:

14-15 Age Group

  • “In the End” by Katherine Mansfield
  • “Blowing the Candles Out” by Joe Polsky
  • “Paper Crowns” by Sarah Wilson

16-17 Age Group

  • “Home” by Raisa Tolchinsky
  • “Quarks in the Aftermath” by Farhan Kathalawa
  • “To Have Hope” by Carolyn Ye

18-19 Age Group

  • “Darwin” by Ratty St. John
  • “Okay” by Laura Wanamaker
  • “Vanishing Point” by Laura Cook

Thank you to all who entered the contest and we hope that you’ll submit to our contest next year!

A Great Day with Great Press

On Friday Editor Pei-Ling Lue and I spoke to Ron Charles of The Washington Post about the launch. Sunday, his blog came out, and today, the story appeared on the front page of the arts section of The Washington Post. How cool is that?

As of this post, we have nearly 150 new subscribers from the DC area. For a little magazine like ours, that’s incredible. We’ve seen in the past that newspaper readers really respond to what we do. So thanks to Ron and to newspapers (they still matter), and welcome to our new readers!!